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We are passionate about sleddogs allready for a very long time.
8 years ago we started with our 2 first Huskies, working in the kennel and very fast the pack became bigger and bigger.
We enjoyed working with tourists, share our passion with our guests and offer them to expercience these marvelous dogs, discover mushing in the mountains and nature.
In 2018 the call from the north brought us 380km north of the polar circle in Finnish Lapland for one year.
After this beautifull and crazy experience, we travelled a lot within Scandinavia, when we finally ended up here,and we fell in love with the Särna/Idre region and descided to stay for long term.

We offer guests to share our passion for dogs and nature all year round in the Särna/Idre area.

Occasionally we breed a litter and are FCI breeder AFIX for Siberian Husky.

Summer activities

Canicrossing, Kickbike adventure, Kart tour, Kennel visit... From one hour to multiple day activities. Discover all our summer activity programs . (Please do not hesitate to ask for other combinations or customs possibilities).

Winter Activities

Sledding on the frozen lake. Drive your own sled. Exploring forest with snowshoes pulled by a dog. This is a part of what we offer during winter. (Please do not hesitate to ask for other combinations or custums possibilities).

Week Adventure

You want to become musher for a week? We offer you an immertion in dog mushing during a week. You will discover all aspects in a mushers life, discover the nature in a different way and get to know the beatifull Särna area.

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