Our summer activityadventureprogram.


General information

Our phylosophy is to share our passion with our guests.
We want to offer you the best experience possible.

For that reason we only welcome groups of 1 family, or 1 group of friends, You will only participate with people you know!

Like that we can be more flexible and adapt to the needs of each unique group.
Children are welcome, for some activities we have a age or weight minimum.

Out of our seasonal program, we can offer special events for groups (max 20 adults excl. children), weddings, proposals, birthday etc,...



You can see below what kind of activities we offer during the season without snow. If you want be informed when our programm will be lauch you can suscribe to our newsletter.


Enjoy a sportive walk pulled by a sleddog.
You will be equiped with a special belt that connects you to the dogs' harnass by a line with shockabsorber.
The dog will pull you, so you will experience how powerfull the dogs are, and meanwhile discover a new way of hiking in the nature.
The 4 doglegs will help you to make the hike easier and also more sportive.
Children under the age of 12 and 50kg will be connected together with an adult to the same dog.
You can read bellow our tour information and you can always contact us for custom requests.
We offer tours from 1 hours up to a full day activity program.

Kick bike activities

Kickbike activities

The kickbike ride is the most fun way to do dogsledding in summer!

This activity combines fun and work-out, because you will need to participate in effort with the dog when you will climb up, and enjoy the speed on the downhill and flatter pieces of the track.

You can combine kickbike activities and kart at the same time.
One part of the group can go for a kickbike ride while the other part is going in the kart on the same track.

Minimum age/weight: 12 years/50kg

Kart Adventures

You are welcome to install yourself on the kart bench and enjoy a piecefull ride in the nature without any sound or gas pollution.

This activity is ideal for a family with younger children in order to discover dogsledding in summer.
It is also possible to combine with scooter activities for more fun.

This activity is perfectly adapted to people with limited physical mobility. That way you can also come and explore the forest and nature.

The kart can carry 2 adults, or 1 adult with 2 children (max 160kg).