The 20/21 winter season is overwas awesome

Now it is time for spring

Our sledding program is closed for this season.
You can see on this page what kind of activities we offer during winter (without pricing and scedule).

All details will appear during september 2021 for next winter season.

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Drive your own sled!

We will learn you to prepare a dogteam, dive a sled and follow the guide on a beautifull track, pulled by a team of 2 to 4 dogs (depending weight, snow and conditions).
Children can sit on the sled.

Drivers only from 15 years old/40kg
Passenger max. 60kg
Available tour:
  • 5km (≈45 min)
  • 12 km (≈1.5 h)
  • 25 km (≈4 h Include fikka)

Sit on sled

You and your family will sit on the sled. comfortable installed on a reindeer skin.
You will enjoy the landscape pulled by a team of 8 to 12 dogs (depending weight and conditions).
Ideal for family with small children!

Each sled can carry 2 adult + 1 kid or 1 adult + 3 kids (max 200kg).
2 sleds can participate.
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